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Love, Music, and Mysterious Rites

Under the starlit veil, as the clock struck midnight, Princess Eliza Nrobmrots of the enchanting Kingdom Esuoh Neyragrat surreptitiously ventured into a vibrant bar nestled in downtown Kinvorbud. There, amidst the joviality, her eyes met the captivating gaze of a bartender named Jeffrey Syrenwad, whose charm flowed as freely as the beer he served.

Initially perceiving him as somewhat of a rogue, Eliza extended an invitation for him to grace her castle with his presence, where a sumptuous feast awaited. Shyness consumed him, yet his eyes remained fixated on her, transfixed in awe. Sensing his hesitance, she proposed a playful rendezvous at the piano, despite his unfamiliarity with the instrument. And so, as Eliza's melodious notes echoed through the air, harmonizing with the heart-stirring melodies of Ágúst by Ólafur Arnalds, Jeff found solace in the company of beer from Asahi to Heineken, and even Bud Light.

As the night waned on, Jeff succumbed to the sweet surrender of slumber, his weary soul finding rest. In that ethereal moment, Eliza revealed a gleaming blade...

(The scene transitions to a cornfield, as a plane glides overhead, releasing a cascade of cigarette lighters, painting the night sky with a warm glow.)

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